- Jul 11, 2017 -

Jingwei Interwoven. and twist the yarn through the whole to make the bobbin (pan), the weft into a son, weaving on the loom. 30 's, for hand-pulled wood loom, iron weaving machine ribbon. In the early 60, the 1511 loom was converted into webbing machine, which is still widely used. Because the belt width is small, weaving way is different, have a single, double, dozens of of unequal, have single-layer, also have double-decked.

1967, the industry to the workers as the main Non-woven Ribbon research Group, the success of their own design, the production of high-speed single Non-woven ribbon machine, the realization of weaving tape without shuttle, and the process of shortening, small footprint, labor productivity improvement, is the history of the Chinese Ribbon technology innovation.

70 's, because the belt continuous dyeing and ironing machine's promotion, the colored belt processing, by the first dyed after weaving the traditional craft, the development to the first weaving after dyeing, the first weaving after bleaching, the whole hot after treatment continuous, ribbon technology into the ranks of mechanized production. In the early 80, the industry introduced Switzerland, Italy, the federal Germany high-speed shuttle-free weaving machine, the whole hot machine, wrapping wire, warping machine, weaving technology into a new stage of development.

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