The polyester lanyards industrial track of Dongguan village polyester lanyards: let old energy constantly revitalized

- Aug 22, 2017 -

In the Village this little-known town of Dongguan, Polyester lanyards industry in the first half of this year GDP of about 100 million yuan. Polyester lanyards industry summit had nearly 60 yuan enterprises, the boss is most of village, which shows the brilliant polyester lanyards industry.

Why not get the polyester lanyards industry to be a small village without abundant resources and deviation from the town center and the location is not dominant? What is the strength of the polyester lanyards enterprises to choose this piece of land? In the Lane Village, polyester lanyards manufacturers are using their own way, let the old energy constantly revitalized.


The first lane Polyester lanyards Factory Village appears seemingly accidental, but has a certain age factors.

The Lane Village, this is a polyester lanyards change.

Dongguan Guangchang polyester lanyards co.,ltd from the north of the village into the Village Lane, did not imagine many billboards or Polyester lanyards enterprises signpost. The Lane Village Party committee secretary and village committee director Yao Yangzhi said, scattered in the village of Polyester lanyards enterprises, no special concentrated area.

However, casually walk into a village road, look around, the eye is likely to be different Polyester lanyards Factory name.

Baidu encyclopedia show, 2.5 square kilometers of the Lane Village has a resident population of more than 2000 people, the foreign population of more than 2000 people, with the size of the factory 63 enterprises, industrial products, electronics, hardware, polyester lanyards, plastic. Polyester lanyards industry, no doubt occupy a small part. Shen Xiang Cun polyester lanyards industry brilliant, is said to have fifty or sixty polyester lanyards factory.

Guanchang Polyester lanyards Factory, regardless of size or value, are among the best in the lane village. He said: "the peak period, there are more than 300 workers SHUNFA Polyester lanyards Factory, an annual output of 1 hundred million had."

In 1988, a polyester lanyards factory, graduated from junior high school Yao Zhitang into the cosmos as an apprentice. A year later, the first Hong Kong and lane village villagers joint venture Yixing Polyester lanyards Factory was established, he came back into the factory, after 5 years with a dozen people in the village, founded the SHUNFA polyester lanyards factory.

In fact, "polyester lanyards village" produced and Yao Yangzhi related. The first person to take the lead in weaving Polyester lanyards Factory in the village is his father.

Yao Yangzhi's father Polyester lanyards Factory in Hongkong to work on 80s in Dongguan century Lixing Polyester lanyards Factory, rich Polyester lanyards Factory work. These are Dongguan's early Polyester lanyards Factory, Yao Yangzhi's father participated in the establishment of a rich factory.

"He felt familiar with the polyester lanyards industry, on the outside to come back to the hometown to reopen factories." Yao Yangzhi said that his father was in cooperation with people from the office of the village of Shen Xiang Yi Xing factory.

Shen Xiang Cun first Polyester lanyards Factory came seemingly accidental behind, still has some inevitable factors.

In 1978, the first national "three" - the factory operation in Humen Taiping handbag factory. Zhang Zimi, the investor of the factory, is a Hong Kong businessman. Since then, more and more businessmen to invest in Dongguan and set up factories.

Reform and opening up to 1984, Dongguan put forward the "rural industrialization, urban and rural integration" development goals. Later, there is Dongguan to create brilliant "development pattern of village ignition, household smoke, large and small factories, workshops, enter the town and village streets farmhouse, Agrocybe angle.

The capital and technology of Yao Yangzhi's father, in the nostalgia and call back policy, entrepreneurship is a village lane.

Unique root

After 1994, "mentoring" under the influence of various Polyester lanyards Factory Lane Village founded as appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

In 1989 the establishment of the Yixing plant, become the incubator industry Village Lane polyester lanyards.

At that time, Yi Hing factory recruited many villagers, including Yao Zhitang who returned as an apprentice. "I started as an apprentice, and when I set up my own Polyester lanyards Factory, I was already the backbone of the technology, managing a group of people below." Yao Zhitang says.

The recruitment of Yi Hing factory attracted many villagers. Later, the villagers into the factory, some people continue to fall in the polyester lanyards industry in the village, a polyester lanyards factory boss of different scale.

Yao Zhitang was one of the first run Polyester lanyards Factory Lane village. He said, after 1994 years, large and small Polyester lanyards Factory in the Village Lane like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The arrival of Hong Kong, bring the equipment and technology, but also opened the village deep horizons, to see the path of entrepreneurship.

"Into the factory set up the polyester lanyards factory, relatives and friends also followed to see. They choose to set up factories in the village, because what good things are familiar with." Yao Yangzhi believes that this "chuanbangdai" function, let the polyester lanyards factory gathered in the village lane.

"Mentoring" role, formed the village based weaving industry. This "inbreeding", but also to promote the polyester lanyards industry has a strong rooted.

There is also a factor that reinforces the root. Yao Yangzhi said, no center village advantage Lane Village, far from the center of town, industrial and small, the villagers can not enjoy the economic property, to a certain extent, promote the villagers to familiar with the weaving industry.

Shen Xiang Cun polyester lanyards industry, incomparable, Houjie furniture, Humen Dalang woolen clothing, these industries are in town for the formation of a complete industrial chain. The village is the Village Lane, still formed a polyester lanyards processing accessories industry.

The Lane Village provides data show that in 2015, the GDP of about 500 million yuan; the first half of 2016, GDP of about 250 million yuan. Among them, the polyester lanyards industry in the first half of 2016 gross output value of about 100 million yuan, there are 38 enterprises.

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