Some Points For Attention In The Process Of Using Rope

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Rope is a kind of material made with rope. Most of them are used for construction purposes on site, and also for the introduction of rope for aluminum all-gold coats. General cited rope in its use to meet a certain standard. If its performance needs wear-resisting, durable high temperature (180-280 ℃) and so on.

The rope is made of paper, but this rope it can be recycled to make paper, which is a product that can be recycled. Rope is certainly greener than a traditional rope. Traditional rope with nylon, pp, chemical fiber, plastic and other polluting materials production, not only pollute the environment, but also endanger the health of the body. So the use of liming rope not only can reduce pollution, but also maintain good health.

① pawl tension springs are damaged, such as damage, should be replaced;

② transmission mechanism whether or not the card lag, such as card lag, is poor lubrication, should be in the transmission mechanism of the active connection to add lubricating oil (or grease). If the guide pins are too tight, loosen the nuts properly. In the case of loose connection, transmission pipe or other rod deformation, it should be corrected;

③ Buffer Spring tensile volume is too small, if too small, should shorten the buffer spring connection wire rope length.

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