On The Classification And Safety Coefficient Of Hoisting Belts

- Jul 11, 2017 -

A. Single strap with soft ring (composed of a ends stitched with ring eye);

B. A single strap with an end piece (with an end strap on each end of the belt);

C. Double straps (straps consisting of two or more strips of tape of the same side by place);

D. Multi-layer harnesses (with two or more layers of the same tape folded vertically);

E. Ring straps (the end of the belt is stitched together with the other end, or the tape itself is woven or rounded into a ring without stitching).

6.3 Safety factor of hoisting belt

The safety factor of hoisting belt is 6, and the safety factor of metal parts at the end of belt is 4.

A. Strap breaking force: the strap in the destruction experiment, can withstand the huge load, unit 10n;

B. Super effective Force (MFU): The basic type of suspenders allowed to withstand the super force, polyester Sling Unit 10n.

Super effective = strap damage/Strap safety factor.

Hoisting mode coefficient (GB/t 8521)

Hoisting method hanging coefficient m hoisting method hanging coefficient m

Vertical lifting 1 90. Angle Lifting 1.4

Knot lifting 0.8 120. Angle Lifting 1

Parallel lifting 2 2 limb lifting 1.4

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