- Jul 11, 2017 -

The 70 's, knitted warp knitting, weft knitting technology, has been widely used in webbing. 1973, the successful trial-manufacture of knitted nylon wide belt. 1982, began to introduce Italian crochet machine, advanced technology, a wide range of production, particularly to adapt to the thin decorative fabrics, such as lace, elastic bands, window screens, decorative belts and so on. Basic process: bleaching-dyeing-winding-weaving-ironing-packaging.

Before the 70 's, the fire hose was woven with a flat loom, with large deformation and low output. In the second half of 1974, the industry organization of the production of tubular weaving research group, according to the principle of knitting, the use of warp and weft weaving, depending on the circle of yarn in the process, using the circular yarn of the cylinder and the settlement arc, will not interweave the warp and weft connected to form a whole, and become lined with weft-lined tubular knitted fabrics, products coated with plastic pipe and high-pressure fire hose of the production technology level of the national crown.

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