Canvas Strap

- Jul 11, 2017 -

With the wide application of filter tube, filter bag, bag cage and other products in industrial production, the consumer market has paid more and more attention to the development of bag-type dedusting industry in China. As a professional dedusting equipment manufacturers, golden here simple analysis of the current domestic bag-type dust removal industry in the development of the main problems.

Overall, the bag-type dust removal industry is still mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the concentration is not enough; enterprise's equipment level and management level is low, enterprise's production scale and output value are not big, in the high-end market has not formed a strong competitiveness, this phenomenon in the filter material production enterprises particularly prominent. At the same time, with the bag-type dedusting industry standards are not perfect, with new technologies and new products continue to appear, the status of norms and standards can not meet the development needs of the industry. In addition, some enterprises counterfeit products still exist, the same type of equipment, accessories and filter materials, different enterprise product quality difference is very big, individual manufacturer's fluorine filter material does not indicate the fiber ingredient and the proportion, even at the normal temperature fiber substitutes the high-end fiber, causes the user to suffer the loss, the influence energy saving emission reduction effect, also affects the bag dust-collecting industry The overall image and the promotion use.

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