Accurate Evaluation Of Ribbon And Its Identification Method

- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. What type of ribbon is this? For example: Ribbon, Plaid Belt, jacquard ribbon, cotton Belt and other products, these should be clear.

2. How big is the specification? width, thickness need to know.

3. What material is this ribbon? Because the material is different, it means that the price is different.

4. What color is the ribbon? How many colors are there? This also needs to be clear, such as monochrome ribbon to specify a cheaper one points, a variety of colors of the ribbon must be expensive.

5, need not stain? Some of the Ribbon is customer demand for dyeing, the need to dye the price is not the same.

How heavy is 6, a yards? This is for the most accurate quote, calculate a yards of multiple, you can know how much material used in this code.

7, one-sided or double-sided? Some are woven with separate sides, so this should also be asked clearly.

8, has the picture to make the reference, this is gives us a visual judgment is what ribbon, can give the quotation this comparison accurate factor.

9. How many? This is the decision can give customers a favorable question, a lot of words, there must be a discount.

10, combined with their own factories, master's wages, wages and other factors.

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