Why use Personalised Luggage Straps

- Jul 03, 2018 -

One of the best ways of keeping thieves out of your luggage, be that suitcases, or travel bags is to use a luggage strap, that can be locked with a short code. Many people think exactly the same, and that of course can be a problem, when you get to the baggage claim area.

As the bags come around, many of these straps look pretty much the same. That of course makes it hard to see which actual bags belong to you. A simple solution for this is to have a personalised luggage strap, with your name on it. Suddenly the quick identification problem goes away for you while others wait to get a closer look.

Good Quality Luggage Straps

You can buy these cheap luggage straps low price versions, usually 2 or 3 bags. The quality of these is reliable. A good single shoulder strap is cheap. It is easy to put it on the watch strap that can protect my suitcase. It will last you for a long time.

Lockable Using a CodeDSC_0015.jpg

You can choose the personalized strap that you can lock according to your personal preference, and you can only use 3 bit code to unlock it. However, they are more expensive, and each ribbon can cost you a lot.

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