Why to customize the school lanyards

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Pack your lunch, sharpen your pencils and put on your school lanyards because its that time of the year again; School is officially back in session! Its another year or semester to put your best foot forward, its another opportunity to better yourself intellectually, physically and perhaps even spiritually.

So how can school lanyards help students, teachers and staff make the most of this school year? Why is the investment worth it?school lanyards.jpg

Here are 3 reasons why you need lanyards in your school:

Safety – A safe learning environment is something we sometimes take for granted. Luckily modern school systems identify their students with smart I.D cards to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Most schools now require students and staff to present their identification cards to allow access onto the property. 

Great, safety is always our #1 priority. But, that’s not all…

The best institutions are cleverly using different color schemes to help identify and differentiate students, faculty and staff. Wearing your ID on your lanyard helps promote and maintain a safe learning environment for all.

Organization – Organize your keys, ID’s and flash drives in the most accessible way. Placing a lanyard on small items helps prevent loss and allows access without digging into your pockets or backpack. You can also add retractable badge holders or buckle release attachments to extend your reach so you’ll never feel limited by length – convenience and efficiency at its best.

Now that we have our priorities in order and the practical stuff out the way.

School Spirit – Products that are functional yet symbolic. What more can you ask for? We can customize your lanyards with your school name and or logo. Print even the most intricate logos and images through our dye-sublimation printing methods. We use the highest quality processes and materials to ensure that you represent your school colors accurately.Make sure your colors don’t run!

If you have the order requirement, please contact us in time. Our company has various styles of lanyard style for you to choose and have what you need.

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