Wholesale personalized badge lanyards

- Jun 29, 2018 -

In today’s World, security is of utmost importance in everyday life. Badge lanyards are an effective way to make a business or school environment safe without the security measures being too obtrusive. By using a lanyard to display a security or organization badge simply around your neck, the entire organization can feel at ease because of the ease and speed of being able to identify the right people who belong in a certain location.badge lanyards.jpg

Lanyards have been around for centuries and have been used in the past as more of a decorative accessory to military or other uniforms. They have come into popular use in the last few decades to hold items such as badges, electronics, and keys. With the ability to customize lanyards for a particular business or school, they have become an everyday tool for many people.


Badge Lanyards come in many sizes and colors and the ability to customize lanyards is almost endless. Whether they are being used in a hospital, association meetings, police station, high school or college setting, the material can be made to match any logo or color scheme.

Now that people have to identify themselves quickly in many different situations, using a lanyard to hold your identification or badge is easy and effective. The uses of lanyards for security identification has become one of the most popular ways of allowing the right people to gain access to the areas they are allowed to be, also quickly being able to identify people that do not belong with a simple glance of their identification.

If your organization is looking to order a few lanyards or if you need larger orders, Simply Lanyards can cater to your needs. We specialize in badge lanyards and have been providing high-quality lanyards to our client since 2008. We have the lowest prices and can customize your lanyard to your needs. Call us at 1(800) 571-0549 or email us today for more information.

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