Where Customize The Cute Lanyards?

- Apr 18, 2018 -


What are the role of cute lanyards?

Cute lanyards are very popular for kids. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as holding ID badges, event tickets or keys. 2 sided colorful printed cute patterns clearly does not fade, is a nice souvenir for kids. Cute lanyards are also a playful item which can help attendees better engage in an event especially where there are children or young adults involved. Lanyards are easy paired up with other promotional items such as wristband, keychain, hairband etc which are all inexpensive but and value to the event of campaign.

  • ID of attendees to ensure any intruders are easily notices.

  • Re-inforcing the brand and show-casing a logo or message.

  • Safety of attendees and peace of mind they are in a safe place.

What do you need to do when custom cute lanyards?

Tell us what your idea, such as you want to customize the lanyard style, the lanyard material, color, size, printing patterns and accessories is what. If you don‘t know what you want lanyard style, you can refer to some of our existing lanyard style. If you don’t know what you want, our lanyards designer will give you some valuable advice, and free for you to design the cute lanyards you satisfaction!

GUANCHANG professional in custom all kinds of lanyards, can completely customize according to your requirements. Including style,material, color, size, accessory, you can also printing you like patterns or Logo on lanyards, such as some cartoon characters, or animal photos. We have our own manufacturing lines: from weaving bands, dyeing color, printing and fixing then to be products. So we have the more abilities to manufacture the high efficiency, quality and more competitive products. Tell us your idea by email, i am sure you will enjoy work with us.

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