When do you use a breakaway lanyard?

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Breakaway lanyard is not only used to display ID cards, they are often a key feature of facility security.39.jpg

The breakaway lanyard is a lanyard with a modern, separate closure that "disengages" when pressure is applied. For example, if the lanyard is hooked on some heavy machinery, the person wearing the breakaway lanyard will not be at risk because the lanyard will detach before it hurts anyone.

Another example is when the lanyard itself is a dangerous situation - pulling sensitive equipment, such as the cable of a heart monitoring machine. For this reason, we recommend separating hospitals and other health-conscious facilities.

Breakaway is reusable and can be easily folded back into place. The rest time is also very durable and can withstand many "rests" before wearing.

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