What is the Polypropylene Webbing?

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Polypropylene webbing is also called polypro webbing or PP webbing. PP webbing is often used as a cheaper alternative to nylon webbing. However, this decision is detrimental. Polypropylene webbing may not be as smooth as nylon webbing rounded corners. Plus nylon webbing is better than polypropylene webbing.

polypropylene webbing

Polypropylene (PP) Webbing Features

Polypropylene webbing to remove moisture, with mildew, low elasticity. It is cheaper and easier to clean than nylon. polypropylene webbing are often used to bond and complete the edges of carriers, bags, computer cases and wallets. It is also used in the medical industry for binding X-ray aprons and other applications that require cleaning. Very suitable for humid environments.

Polypropylene fiber braid can be used in many applications and is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled into many different forms. This kind of fiber is cheaper than other fibers, and when the price becomes a problem, it should be considered a substitute for a more expensive fiber!

The Use of Polypropylene (Polypro) Webbing

Polypro webbing is cheap, durable, and can be used in suitcases, medical industry, belts, life jackets, suitcases and other industries. Polypropylene webbing is commonly used in the medical and fashion industries. Due to the low wear resistance compared to nylon, it should not be used in load-bearing situations. While nylon and polyester ribbon are ideal for maintaining heavy loads, polyester commercial webbing is better suited for belts and life jackets. Polypro is also a cheaper material than nylon or polyester.

GUANCHANG polypro webbing products are diverse, and they are very durable. We provide customized services about texture styles, color and size. If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

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