What is the difference in polyester and nylon custom lanyards

- Mar 15, 2018 -

What is the difference in polyester and nylon custom lanyards

Lanyards that the go the extra mile

Polyester lanyards are made from a flat strap-like material and are our most popular and durable lanyard option. They are set at a low minimum order of 100 lanyards and can be made thicker for added durability. High quality polyester material allows these items to be used in several different scenarios.

Polyester lanyards are commonly used among businesses and organizations that need them for everyday use. Day after day employees and managers benefit from their longevity as part of a company standard. They can be designed as part of a uniform or serve as the uniform itself in more casual work places.

Do you host or have plans to hold an event or festival every year? Polyester lanyards are made to endure many years of use. Adding the right attachment to the end of your lanyard will make it easy to identify and recognize staff and volunteers.

Functions like family reunions that are held every five or 10 years can use polyester lanyards to identify family members. Organizers can rest assured knowing that the lanyards will maintain their quality even after being stored for several years.


High quality appearance and value

Nylon lanyards are very similar to polyester but appear shinier and are thicker in texture. Imprints and logos stand out more against the shiny background and are a good choice for situations in which you really want the lanyards to stand out.

As one of our high value and cost efficient options, nylon lanyards offer customers more for their money. With a minimum order of 500 lanyards, events like regional or national conventions that have a large turn out benefit from the increased quantity.38.jpg

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