What is a lanyard used for?

- Mar 19, 2018 -

What is a Lanyard Used For?

Breakaway Lanyards

It is a kind of lanyar, and if it is pulled or pressed on it, it will break or break immediately. This is a preventive measure to avoid asphyxiation or asphyxia.

Sometimes we are late for work. It seems an arduous task to sort out all of us before we go out of the house. Imagine that you didn't find the key you had to own or the employee ID card before you left. For it in your purse, here on top of it, and find it is not a good idea in any things or anything. So instead of waiting for such an emergency, it's better to tie these things together, so it's easy to find them. This is the place where the yanad school is used.

Uses of a lanyard

The most common way for lanyard is to hold an identity card. A special hard plastic frame used for inserting cards and binding with ordinary or colored lanyard. They are used to protect objects that are often needed and are also very important, so as not to lose or lose them. The following list of all personal valuables that can be protected with lanyard is given.

1.Fashion accessories

This is not only for the purpose of identification or security, but for a sling. Today, they have more and more aesthetic value.

2.Beaded accesories

The work of the bead makes it fashionable to wear it like a piece of jewelry. Condole belt make use of gem, color glass, or match your outfit crystal can let you look very beautiful and elegant at the same time.

3.Paracord lanyard

Paracord and parachute cords are nylon lanyard, which is flexible and is a common multi-purpose utility line. Combining two complementary color paracord strings can be woven into a complex design of lanyard.

4.Printing design

Lanyards, designed as a pleasant color associated with events, companies, or sporting events, is mass-produced.


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