The production process of cable

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Generally can be divided into: ribbon, printing, assembly three relatively large links, each link and other details involved, please look at the specific content below.

I. Ribbon

1 Preparing the Yarn

For screen printing, if the customer requirements of the cable color is common color, such as red, black, etc., you can buy yarn and then ribbon; If it is not commonly used color, then the factory will buy white yarn, dyed their own yarn after the Ribbon.

2 round Barrels

The yarn that the factory buys back or is dyed yarn, need to revolve into the barrel line suitable for weaving machine. The factory machine uses the Iron ring, but buys the line to be not suitable directly to the machine.

3 Ribbon

The workers put the wire around the ribbon on the loom and carry the Ribbon. In the ribbon, the general white is relatively easy to dirty, so there is a special machine to produce. After weaving, it is placed in a fixed place, the need to produce large goods, can be used.

Some woven bands are usually flat and some are round.

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