Promotional Sublimation Printing Polyester Lanyard

- Jan 15, 2018 -

未命名--15.jpgwoven Lanyards
Our custom woven lanyards are a great alternative to the other lanyard styles. Instead of printing your design onto the top of the lanyards, we weave it into the fabric for a bright, colorful look that won't ever rub off or scratch. We begin with the same fabric we use for our standard polyester lanyards, in your choice of color. For your design we take a second fabric, also in your choice of color, and weave it into the lanyard. Although woven lanyards don't allow for intricate designs or fine lines, the style is very popular with schools and sports teams due to the bright colors. Because there is no ink that can wear off, woven lanyards hold your custom message or logo indefinitely. You'll still be able to use your lanyards years from now, because they'll look just as great as they did the day you received them. Woven lanyards are the ideal choice for nearly every situation!

Tubular Lanyards
When you need a great-looking lanyard at a low cost, tubular lanyards are the perfect choice. Make no mistake, these lanyards still meet our high quality standards. You can buy from us knowing you'll receive a great product at an affordable price. We make our tubular lanyards using high-quality polyester material in your choice of color. We diamond-knit the polyester, forming it into a tube. The tubular lanyard style allows the same amount of room as our other lanyards, while using less material. Once the lanyard is formed, we use the latest screen-printing technology to print your design onto the lanyards. Screen-printing allows us to reproduce nearly any type of text or logo, so be creative with your design! The soft material and edges of these lanyards make them comfortable to wear for hours on end, making this style popular with schools or businesses that require students and employees to wear the lanyards at all times. For an affordable, comfortable and stylish alternative to our other lanyard styles, choose tubular lanyards!

Nylon Lanyards
Our nylon lanyards feature a silky finish and a bright shine that are sure to make the wearer stand out. One of our finest lanyard styles, nylon lanyards are the way to go when you want your design to have a sleek, colorful finish. We use a durable, high-quality nylon fabric in your choice of color. This nylon material has a shiny finish and has the highest tensile-strength of any of our lanyard styles. We use the latest in screen-printing technology to print your design directly onto the surface of the lanyards. This process allows us to include detailed text or logos, so feel free to include your company name, mascot, or logo. The soft feel and bright, colorful finish of nylon lanyards ensures that wearers will feel comfortable wearing the lanyards for hours on end. For the sleekest look and most durable construction, choose nylon lanyards!

Dye Sublimated Lanyards
Dye sublimated lanyards are the newest addition to our custom lanyard line. This style is perfect if you want to include multiple colors, gradients, fine lines, or other intricate details. We make our dye sublimated lanyards from durable, high-quality polyester. We use the dye sublimation process to dye your design right into the fabric. With no printing involved, there's no ink that will rub off or fade, meaning your lanyards will last for years to come. The dye sublimation process also allows us to include any type of image or design, so it's ideal for an intricate company logo or other colorful image. Dye sublimated lanyards are perfect for all types of situations. They're a lanyard style that's comfortable to wear throughout the day, and you get a detailed, colorful design that won't scratch or fade. You can't go wrong with dye sublimated lanyards!

Eco-Friendly Lanyards
Made from bamboo, our eco-friendly lanyards are all-natural. We offer these lanyards as a "greener" alternative to our other lanyard styles. Using a special fiber made from bamboo pulp, our eco-friendly lanyards are 100% biodegradable. We even use special vegetable dyes to provide the color, to ensure that every part of these lanyards is friendly to the environment. We offer several different colors to choose from, so no matter what you need your eco-friendly lanyards for, we've got you covered. Eco-friendly lanyards are perfect for promoting your environmental cause, charity, or company. Print your custom message or design onto these lanyards and rest assured that your lanyards support your mission of keeping our environment safe. Due to their unique nature, we ask that you call us for special pricing on our eco-friendly lanyards.


Custom lanyards have become one of the most common and effective methods to advertise a business or promote a particular cause or campaign. Lanyards provide an easy way to carry any small, important items ranging from ID badges to keys to cell phones. Companies and organizations across the world use custom lanyards as promotional products simply because they're an item people use every day. What better way to advertise your business than by printing your name or logo on an item people rely on so often? We're committed to offering a wide selection of custom lanyards that meet every need. We carry multiple styles and sizes, available in hundreds of colors to ensure we have what you're looking for. We offer the lowest prices you'll find on the internet, but we do so without sacrificing quality. Order custom lanyards from us with the confidence you'll receive a professionally-made product at a great price! Make guanchang your go-to choice for your custom lanyards and we promise to wow you with our great customer service, fast production and delivery, and of course, low prices!


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