Pretty Rhinestone Trim LanyardS For Badges

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Do you want your images more impressive? Then our rhinestone lanyards for badges is the best choice. They are bling and blazing for work, school or casual use to make you unique!These lanyards will keep you hands-free with its built-in ID badge holder, key ring and latch that make it easy to hang anything you need and display your credentials with style and pizzazz. This super attractive lanyard is decorated with 2 rows of rhinestones of 2 different color.

You could definitely outshine the shimmering rhinestones that line the collar of this ID badge holder with built-in key ring. Features turquoise rhinestones with a flat foam backing. Just put it on and the lanyards will do the rest of the work and make life easier. Shipped from China and exported in Hong kong.


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