Personalized Colorful Travel Luggage Straps

- Apr 28, 2018 -

        Colorful travel luggage straps are one of the most neglected tourist accessories.They provide extra security for your luggage and allow easy identification in the baggage declaration, thanks to their daring neon colors and other interesting patterns.

         Travel luggage straps  divided into three categories: normal straps, personalized straps, TSA approved straps (with locks)。

The Style Of Travel Luggage Straps

normal straps


The practical luggage belt can ensure your belongings are safe.

The distinctive luggage strap helps your luggage stand out at the baggage claim station.

Everyone is looking for some basic, colorful, trustworthy perfect shoulder straps.

personalized strapspersonalized-straps

The personalized  straps are easy to identify with your logo.

Font and logos can be knitted on the  straps according to the requirements of customers, repeat the entire length, and come all the way.


TSA approved straps (with locks) TSA-approved-straps

     These luggage straps all close using TSA approved combination locks to keep your belongings extra safe while traveling.

   Checkpoints wants to check your bags. They have a special key that will open the TSA combination lock without cutting off your shoulder strap.

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