Personalised lanyards for every occasion

- May 29, 2018 -

Occasion lanyards


Lanyards can be used for all different types of occasion, however, they’re more commonly associated with corporate, business based events.

We’ve collated a list of our favourite occasions that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see personalised lanyards, but where they can be just as useful.


Themed weddings have been consistently growing in popularity, with bride and grooms – to be, not content with the mere colour scheme options. Instead, they want to portray their personality through a theme. The wedding festival theme is the latest new trend to hit the wedding planner scene, with couples opting for a wedding day based on their favourite summer festival.

Couples will go to great lengths to ensure authenticity on their big day and will often design and create personalised memorabilia often associated with festivals, including wristbands and lanyards. Not only will these become memorable keepsakes, the lanyards can also provide a purpose, with the order of service and order of the day kept within the booklet attached to ensure each guests knows exactly what’s going on throughout the day.

Other couples, not concerned with themes have used personalised lanyards as a way of identifying guests or even as a security precaution, at higher profile weddings, or weddings all inclusive to guests.


Personalised lanyards don’t just offer a piece of memorabilia for the host and guests, they can also be useful for the day’s events. They can either be used as ID tags, so guests can easily identify each other without the awkward conversations of asking for each others names 2-3 times, or they can be used to store information of the day / ahead.

Alternatively, use them as the invitation itself!


Not only used by staff, as I.D badges working at sporting events, lanyards are a great essential to fans and spectators of all sporting events. Including crucial event information such as maps and times, they help fans and spectators to plan their day accordingly as well as giving them information of individual sportspersons or teams.


More commonly associated with lanyards as opposed to other events mentioned, personalised lanyards are becoming an increasingly popular choice of accessory at festivals. Usually including sitemaps, stage information, performance times and general advice and guidance, they are the must have at any festival.


Much like festivals, personalised lanyards are the must have accessory at concerts. They include essential information such as stage times and arena maps and can also double as a keepsake, branded with the band or artists logo.

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