Pattern Conveyor Belt

- Jul 11, 2017 -

The pattern conveyor belt is composed of the belt body and the pattern part, because the transporting material different and the conveyor inclination size, the request pattern shape and the height (the depth) also is different. The common pattern conveyor belts are as follows:

Herringbone pattern

Features: With the surface has higher than the body of the "person" font pattern, but the opening of the pattern is also closed, each pattern can be divided into high, medium and low three kinds.

Use: Suitable for ≤40 angle of powder, granular, small block material conveying, can also be transported bagged materials.

Stripe pattern

Features: With the surface of the strip with a high strip pattern, the pattern is divided into high, medium and low three kinds, each pattern according to the arrangement of spacing can be divided into sparse, dense forms.

Application: Suitable for the horizontal conveying packing of ≤30 degree inclination angle. In the case of a groove, can replace the herringbone pattern.

Granular pattern

Characteristic: The belt surface has the granular pattern which the belt body or the concave inserts the belt body, also may make the concave pit the square hole shape or the shape and the cloth shape.

Application: Convex granular pattern is suitable for soft package or material conveying (such as cardboard box) or without sliding conveying.

The concave-pit granular pattern is suitable for conveying granular material with ≤45 degree inclination.


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