Music lanyards for for band

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Lanyards are effective promotional items. They not only display your name badge, ID card, or pass permition card, but also can be used as eye glass retainer, key holder, cell phone holder, small electronic metal or testing device carrier, and displaying industrial products.

Imitation Nylon is 100% polyester but the yarn is more sheen.The finished lanyards or straps with similar effects as real nylon but with less expensive cost.As to printing logos, real nylon cannot be laminated (heat transferred) with colors because nylon cannot resist high temperature.Imitation nylon is suitable for any kinds of printing including heat transferring as it is polyester material.Try to use imitation nylon to replace real nylon for the sake of cost.

Lanyard is a great way to promote your company or organization. They are a great giveaway at exhibitions and conferences, because they are affordable and useful recipients. During festivals, large events such as seminars can also ensure that important items such as tickets or pass CARDS are kept. Perhaps their best known use is for identity card holders in companies and organizations. Regardless of the need, many of our custom hanging rope types and additions must meet your requirements. So upload your logo or wrap your slogan on the line today! Please rest assured that we only provide the best quality materials and the use of environmental ink printing.

Band lanyard is very important for a band. It can highlight the personality of the band, and it is very suitable for any activity. Our lanyard is low price and high quality in the industry. You can be relieved to consult us here, and we will give you the best offer.


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