Key features of a quality ID card lanyard

- May 17, 2018 -

You’ve probably put a lot of thought into the design of your name badges and ID card lanyard. You’ve made sure they’re branded with your logo. They have the right personal information. They look great and you feel proud.ID card lanyards.jpg

If you don’t pick an appropriate design, all your hard work getting your badges and lanyard right may have been wasted. So it’s worth considering these aspects, amongst other things:

Does the lanyard and card sleeve are durable?

It’s likely you’re going to want to reuse your ID card lanyard, so they need to be resilient and tough enough to withstand heavy use. Card sleeve is rigid enough to protect the badge/ID card, but not so brittle it will snap. They need to be made to last.

Does card sleeve provide protection?

Regardless of whether you choose an ID card sleeve that’s open, rigid, flexible, or clear etc. It needs to do its job and protect the badge/ID card its holding. Sounds obvious, but it’s not just a container. If wearers are outside, is it waterproof? Will it protect name badges from rain? Is it scratch proof? If it’s scuffed up a bit, will the ID card still be readable?

Does it have an attachment mechanism?

Does the ID card lanyard facilitate the method you wish wearers to use to attach their ID? For example, are you planning on using badge clip? Lobster claw? Reels? A quality ID card lanyard will enable a wearer to choose between attachment mechanisms. What suits one person, may not suit everyone.

Is there a choice of sizes?

Vinyl card sleeve are great for paper/card badges. Your card sleeve needs to accommodate whatever shape and size you choose, but not too tightly. Putting a card inside the card sleeve needs to be quick and easy to achieve, but you don’t want the holder to be so large. Get the fit right, and the ID card lanyard will do as much to represent your business as a badge/ID card does.

What is it made from?

Does the material from which the ID card holder lanyard is made have the quality feel you’re looking for? Do you need cheap and disposable or high end and durable? Perhaps it needs to be food safe or meet your environmental credentials?

Do they come in various colours?

Do you need your ID card lanyard to be colour coded? Perhaps different colours represent different access rights, for example. Buying ID card holder lanyard that come in a variety of colours, but are shaped the same etc. Will offer a far better representation of the professionalism of your company than a motley collection you have scrabbled together.

If you’d like some help in choosing the right ID card lanyard for your needs, please do give us a Email ( We’d be delighted to chat through your requirements in more detail.

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