How to use webbing

- Aug 07, 2018 -

How to use webbing

How to use webbing? There are many webbing options, which one should I choose? Nylon mesh belt? PP tape? Polyester fabric? It all depends on your needs. Different webbing has different properties.
First, you should determine the pressure of the page. Second, make sure your site works for you. Third, what is your website for?

Difference between webbing.

Nylon ribbon is a very sturdy woven ribbon with many bright colors. However, after repeated exposure, they disappear in the sun. When they are wet, they can stretch about 2% of the length for reuse.
PP webbing is a lightweight webbing. It is an excellent choice for outdoor activities, because it has anti-uv and waterproof functions. This ribbon also has many standard colors, but it usually has a rough feel if you use your skin over and over again.Polyester mesh is a good outdoor or indoor mesh because it is durable and wearable.

Webbing factory

We specialize in the production of nylon webbing, polyester webbing, high strength polyester webbing, polypropylene ( PP ) webbing, cotton webbing, polyester-cotton webbing jacquard webbing of all kinds of materials.

Our factory is a professional lanyard manufacturer. If you have any webbing questions, please feel free to contact us and we will give you some useful Suggestions. You can also learn more about the products through our website.How to use webbing

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