How to Use a Luggage Strap & Luggage Strap role

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Many people do not know how to use the luggage Strap & Luggage Strap role. Only use it properly, so as to make your luggage safer.

Luggage Strap role

    • Luggage straps have several uses, but their main purpose is to keep your luggage closed and secure. Typically they come in either a belt style or a bungee style, but they are all made from durable materials so they can withstand the tests of travel. For additional security, some straps include a combination lock.

    • Straps can be used on one more multiple bags. Some styles allow you to cinch several bags together which not only keeps all your bags secure, but also allows you to easily wheel groups of bags through the airport.

    • While security is their main purpose, luggage straps can also be used as luggage identifiers. Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when you realize you can't identify your black or gray luggage in the sea of other black or gray luggage on the carousel. A brightly colored luggage strap can be a quick indicator of which luggage is yours.

How to Use a Luggage Strap & Luggage Strap role


  • When checking in your luggage, use a luggage strap even if you have soft luggage. Cinch it on tight. Soft luggage is by design very hardy but if this luggage is checked in and packed full, the zipper can burst at the seams. Use a luggage strap for checked in soft luggage as a precaution.

  • Use a luggage strap on your hard-shelled suitcase to keep the suitcase together in the event that the lock fails or is damaged. The hard-shelled suit is very vulnerable to lock breakage by design regardless of the price you paid for it. It will be embarrassing to see your luggage, if you did not use a strap, coming into to baggage claim with its contents visible or worse yet missing. An airport can be big and your missing items might be lost forever or damaged. A luggage strap is an absolute necessity with hard-shelled luggage.

  • For sturdy tube bags, that you hand carry, cinch the luggage strap so the tube bag can be carried vertically. Carry the bag vertically when you are inching along in a line such as at the ticket counter, at the security screening or when boarding the plane. When using public transportation, hold your bag vertically, that is possible with the strap, when it is crowded or so you will not be separated from it.

  • To keep the strap from sliding off, steady it with a cord (see the brown cord in the photo above) or strap in the middle. As a permanent fix to keep the strap in place, sew on some carriers.

  • Luggage straps add an additional level of protection to your bag when you are travelling, especially if the locks or zipper get damaged

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