How to run your dog with dog leash

- Aug 08, 2018 -

How to run your dog with dog leash?

You like to run, and your dog likes to run. How are you running together? This seems to be a wise choice. Although you may be worried that your dog can run to a reasonable distance, the most common obstacle is that your dog can stay with you.

Train your dog's introduction                         00000265.jpg

The first task at hand is to teach your dog to walk well on the dog leash. You will want his left or right foot to run with his forefoot, or even your hind foot. Choose one side and stick to it so that he won't be confused.

How to run with your dog leash? Start with a hands-free leash or use a regular 4-6 foot strap to keep your bent arms in a normal running position instead of extending your arms. Bring a regular meal or snack to your dog, a pocket or snack bag that you can carry with you. When you stand next to your dog, the belt should be long enough to hang on the "U". As the dog sits next to you, give him several snacks in a row, until he is stable, it is unlikely to stand up. Then start walking with strength and walk, so he knows that you want him to walk with you.

First run

Apply these techniques to your run now. Your first run should be just your dog's regular walking and jogging time. If you try this in the actual planned run, you may be more interested in getting your run, so you won't stick to the right training. In this run, you will start with a jog 1⁄2 block. Be prepared to stop or make a turn. You can run longer when he gets better near you.

Road rules

Be sure to keep your dog close to you when you run, so that you and his dog leash will not walk on the entire road. How to use your dog to run with a dog leash? If you run with a group, make sure he doesn't run to the back of other runners because the dog can easily pinch their heels and cause them to fall. In fact, dogs and others tend to be the best, because dogs sometimes deviate.

Keep your dog hydrated

Like humans, if you only run a few miles and have a dog with no breathing problems, the weather is cool and you may not need to carry water. But if you are running a watering operation, you definitely want to give your dog the same amount of water.

Stop sign

It is also important to be aware that dogs have poor heat tolerance to the human body. Their main cooling method is panting. Therefore, gasping is one of the best ways to determine if you should stop. If your dog looks alert and your tongue is completely breathing in your mouth, then his heat will be fine. If his breathing doesn't return to normal within a few minutes, then it's time to finish running.

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