How to make keychain lanyard

- Aug 09, 2018 -

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If you are looking for a simple gift, almost anyone is right, consider making a key button! The homemade keychain lanyard is cheap and fun to make yourself. It is also a simple manual method for children. Here are some ideas for you to start making your own keys.

Collect your material.

To create a clay keychain lanyard, we need mold and baking clay (also called polymer clay), a small biscuit cutting tool, a large needle or toothpick, and a split ring or key chain. Be sure to cover your space with newspapers or other things that can prevent clay from sticking to the table.
The split ring has a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy a larger, decorative clay shape that can be directly linked together, or you can buy a more complex split ring and chain assembly, specifically to connect your own key chain art. Choose which one you like. If you have an old key chain around you, you can even use it again.How to make keychain lanyard?

A small part of the clay volume of about 1 mold-and-bake to make keychain lanyard

With a rolling pin or other rolling tools (you can even use a pen or pencil). The clay should be smooth and the thickness should be uniform.
If necessary, please press more than one color to produce whirlpool effect. You can even make small shapes and press them into a larger piece of clay. Creative!

Cut the clay into the desired shape with the cookie.

Choose the shape you choose, such as mother's day flowers, st. Patrick's day clover, valentine's day heart. Sports fans will enjoy a keychain lanyard shaped like a basketball, football or baseball.
You can also create your own shape with a sharp paring knife or an art knife for your key chain.

Create a hole about 1 / 4 inch (6 mm) shape

With a sharp object such as a needle or a toothpick.This hole will be used to stick the shape of your clay to the crack ring, so make sure the position of the hole makes it possible.How to make keychain lanyard?
Many moulds and baked clay will allow you to put small metal rings, such as small metal rings, directly into clay before baking. If the clay you buy is allowed, then a metal coil attached to your clay shape may be a good idea, so that it is easy to connect an open ring.

Put the shape of clay on the baking tray and bake it according to the instructions on the package. Before the next step, please remove it from the oven and cool it completely.Finally,the keychain lanyard is finish.

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