How To Get The Best Custom Lanyards

- Jun 29, 2018 -

A custom lanyards can be best described as a strap or cord usually worn around the neck to hold an identification badge, whistle, key or even a flash drive. Initially, lanyards were used by the French military for holding a sword whistle or pistol but over time, the use of lanyards has evolved significantly. In the modern world, custom lanyards have become immensely popular and as a norm are being used by schools, businesses, hospitals and also in conventions and reunions for holding an ID badge, whistle or the like.

As a norm, custom lanyards are considered as the best way to go when sourcing for lanyards as they bring in an aspect of branding as well as uniqueness. There are many companies which give an individual the opportunity to customize their own lanyards before production with one of the most notable being

So how do you go about customizing a lanyard and what factors should you consider so as to get the best custom lanyards? Well, the following overview will shed some more light on this


The material used on custom lanyards will have a major impact on the appearance and longevity of the lanyard. Cord, cotton, nylon and polyester are some of the most common materials used. The use of cord is not possible in making custom lanyards as cord lacks the flat surface for printing. Cotton, polyester and nylon are the most common but it is important to note that, the price varies with the material type

Safety feature

When ordering custom lanyards, you can also opt to go for one that has form of safety feature. One of the most common safety features is a breakaway connector that releases itself in the event the lanyard gets caught on something: this is generally recommended for schools and sporting events

Connection type

This is another important factor that should be considered when selecting the best custom lanyards. When it comes to the connector for holding an id badge, whistle or the like, they are several options: an O-ring, bulldog clip, split connector or swivel snaphook. The O-ring is recommended for use with a whistle or keys; a swivel snaphook is best used with ID badges; a split connector can be removed and easily snapped back into place while the bulldog has serrated edges and is usually squeezed to open and released to close

Printing technique

The printing technique will also have a major impact on the quality of the custom branding. There are basically 3 printing techniques used. Hot stamping; this uses a single color and is considered as the most economical. Screen printing which produces a higher quality result and dye sublimation for multicolor prints that are highly detailed

Customization technique

As a norm, you have the option of customizing your lanyards before production. For instance, gives you the option of choosing the lanyard material, size, quantity, design, imprints and attachment. You can also get the chance to put in a special request so as to ensure that your needs are met

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