How to classify custom wristbands

- Jul 14, 2018 -

How to classify custom wristbands?

About custom wristbands

At present,a strap around the wrist or forearm. Custom wristbands are often worn with the same event as a series of information . These bracelets are placed on the wrist and used for identification purposes

Silicone wristbands

In early-to-mid-2000s (10 years), the silicone bracelet became popular. For another.What is the custom wristbands classification?They dress to prove the wearer’s support for a cause or charity, similar to the band of consciousness. Currently,this wristband is known as an awareness bracelet to distinguish it from other types of custom wristbands particularly. As early as early 2007, they became increasingly popular items for sale at concerts and sporting events around the world particularly. A wristband that carries an official logo or trademark that enables the seller to provide a lower price point for a commodity option. Silicone bracelets can also be called gel jelly bracelets, wristbands and fundraising, and rubber bands. All these bracelets are made of the same silicon.

UV ultra violet wristbands

UV ultra violet wristbands appear clear/white under uv light, but when exposed to ultraviolet light. What is the custom wristbands classification.These bands can be used to remind people to wear sunscreen on a hot summer day or stay in the shade.

Hospital wristbands

By the way,the hospital custom wristbands are  common safety device used to identify patients’ medical care obviously  . The hospital wristbands can be hand-written, embossed, laser printed or thermal imaging, with names, pictures, medical records Numbers, bar codes and other personal identitys.
Laser printing and thermal imaging – state-of-the-art technology, personalized hospital wristbands – support fonts, colors and barcodes to improve patient safety through electronic patient and drug tracking. However, despite the findings in the 2007 safety report, handwritten and embossed wristbands are still widely used.


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