How to choose the shoelaces

- Aug 03, 2018 -

About choose the shoelaces

How to choose the shoelaces ? Shoelaces can tell you who you are more than you think, and our shoelaces show that you're an interesting, neat, fashion-conscious person who knows what looks good.

 Typical fibers on the modern market for shoelaces include textured polyester, cotton, nylon, polypropylene, and spun polyester. The hard plastic end on the shoelace is made of metal or transparent plastic and the ball is pushed through the eyelet of the shoe. The most common variations used to make these pellets are brass and copper. Some of these designs have unique features to beautify the experience. Acetone is used to secure the pellets to the lace weaving process.

Shoelaces color

Dress shoes have improved. We no longer wear brown or black shoes and shoelaces. Now, we're changing it and introducing formal, colored shoelaces into the market, and they look good. How to choose the shoelaces ?Our colored LACES for any pair of shoes and your clothes added a popular colour and individual character, coupled with wax printing paint, the color does not leak or erase, are they 100% cotton, which makes them a perfect machine wash. The best part? They're thin, so you don't have to worry about too much color.

Match shoelaces

This size increases the perfect talent, and doesn't look too tired or excessive. If you're going to add the LACES to your dress shoes, don't match them with the color of your tie, belt or shirt.  Of course, a simple black or brown belt is always the best, and the color of the shirt should match the LACES rather than the LACES.
Be sure to check our shoelace guide for some of our favorite shoe LACES.


choose the shoelaces

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