Different colors of lanyards are symbolic significance

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Different colors of lanyards are symbolic significance. You can give expression to the world in lanyards with specific colour. You also can pursue health and young with it. and using the lanyards to match the diference clothes, becoming the coolest guys in the street.

Different colors of lanyards are symbolic significance

Different colors of lanyards are symbolic significance

Blue represent riding the high horse - pursuit of equality,tolerate,and grand ideal. let you self live more meaningful.

Green represent No excuses - eliminating discrepancies,breaking the ice. there is no shirking the responsibility for everyone.

Pink represent a heavenly steed soaring across the skies-imagination is always the power of the world forward.

Saffron yellow show that coming for challenge - challenge yourself will need more courage then challenge others.

Red means being fearless and-high hearted - no matter how high you can jump. you will never be higher than high-hearted and being fearless.

Yellow declare that no dream is too big - as long as you have the dream,all things can be done.

Purple propose that where there is danger,will have the opportunity - grasp every opportunity and save the day. target will not be far away from us.

Reseda means a man of valor is undaunted - making yourself look confident and fearless. this power. it’s in your heart and my heart.

Eight colour,is writing with eight different positive attitude. motivating people don’t look down on themselves,finding their own infinite potential.

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