Custom Personalized Festive Lanyard

- May 15, 2018 -

Custom personalized festive lanyard provide many benefits to organizations in that they can help strengthen brand identity, increase brand visibility, and help your organization look more professional through a more standardized look for employees. Additionally, they can even be used to build customer loyalty through promotional product giveaways or customer reward systems, What’s great about lanyards is that they cross all age categories in their usefulness to consumers.festive-lanyard.jpg

How to customize festive lanyard

Festive lanyard usually have specific festival elements or event Logo. Custom lanyard options are usual include: color, material, style, size, Logo, accessories and quantity, etc. You can follow the tips below to create a festive lanyard for the festival events:

1. Choose your lanyard colors

If you choose neon or overly vibrant colors for your lanyards, while they will be easy to be spotted, they will be much less likely to be used and worn by consumers. More subdued tones are usually preferred among individuals for the most part. However, for the holiday season, you’ll want to choose either green, red, white, and even silver in some cases. In addition, take the time to consider the contrasting color to distinguish the text and decorative logo from the background color. You want to create a lanyard that celebrates the festival events cheer!

2. Choose Your Material Type

We have different types of fabrics you can design your custom lanyard with:

  • Organic Cotton

  • Micro weave (Ribbed Polyester)

  • Econo weave

  • Opti weave Tubular

  • Flat Braid (Tubular)

  • Nylon

  • Woven-in Polyester

  • Satin

  • Bamboo

  • Recycled

Here, you’ll also choose the width of your preferred lanyard. Select from 3/8”, 5/8”, ¾” to 1” or customized according to your needs.

3. The distinct types of lanyards Logo processes

1-Color (print) Silk Screen, 1-to-3 Color Silk Screen, Full-Color Dye Sublimated, and 1 Color Woven lanyard designs are all great lanyard design options available to you. Think about how many colors you want to feature on your lanyard and choose one accordingly. Each comes with it's own benefits. Full-color dye sublimated lanyards are excellent for intricate designs, while 1 color woven lanyards offer a classic look and feel.

4. Lanyard price and delivery time

There is a 100-unit minimum quantity order for custom lanyards. Of course, if you order more, the more concessions you will enjoy. GUANCHANG provides discounts for your customized lanyard depending on the amount you purchase. For personalized lanyards, you can expect 10-14 business days of lead-time for this customization.

Where Can You Custom Festive Lanyard

GUANCHANG is a wholesale lanyards and badge holder distributor in China. We can supply you with a bulk amount of lanyards customization service at any given time, all of the time. Lanyards color, material, size, Logo, accessories can customized according to your need. Here you can custom variety of festive lanyard, discounted on bulk orders! If you want custom designing personalized festive lanyard please contact us

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