Custom Personalized Colored Lanyards

- May 10, 2018 -

Personalized colored lanyards have now become a rapid and easy way to reduce hazards . You can swipe your badge and instantly gain access to a building when unfortunate events happen. But you should make sure not to forget or lose it when the fire or earthquake alarm goes off.Custom Personalized Colored Lanyards.jpg

Coloured Lanyards

In an emergency, a limited response time and a few seconds of time to make the right decision will help many innocent lives to escape safely in the fatal error.


In the case of chaos and panic,personalized colored lanyards can be easily identified and explained.

To take this one step further, colour coded lanyards that can help to determine the best exit routes and easily account for the missing members.

For example, if your lanyard is blue, you must take the blue staircase. If it is green, you must go green and prevent overcrowding from trampling. In addition, groups stay together to find out whether any of the group is missing.

When a health care worker or fire brigade arrives, keep a photo ID card or a recognable Pendant (disease certificate or allergy list). This is one of the best ways to ensure that uninformed people get the right treatment. By knowing exactly who this person is, they can immediately inform your family and friends.

Colour coded lanyards will lead the masses to receive CPR and first aid training, and is an expert on exit and escape routes.

Coloured Lanyards Increase Security 

Coloured lanyards can increase people's safety when quick reaction, time and proper type of help are needed.

When natural disasters arrive randomly, you should first ask for help with a first-aid kit and trained people wearing identity badges and vests.

With the help of the harness, this can extend to almost all urgent needs, treatment and safety access to everyone in the pre established conference area.

The rope can also be used for sports. This - but very effective - can make significant difference when needed and play a key role in time and organization.

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